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What is an FR44 filing?

An FR44 Filing is a form issued by an insurance company which removes a suspension order placed by the DMV on your driving priviledge. The filing provides a guarantee to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles that an insurance company has issued at least 50/100/40 liability coverage for the person making that filing; AND – that the insurance company will notify the DMV should the insurance ever lapse for any reason.


How Can You Help Me Get an FR44?


Cochran Insurance Agency represents over 30 insurance companies in Virginia that actively write FR44 filing insurance.

(Limited Companies available in Florida)


DON’T just get a quote from one company – you’ll make a big pricing mistake! Our software will rate you with most major Virginia companies and put them in order of price, so you get the best deal! We can issue the FR44 or SR22 filing same day upon receipt of signed applications (which can be faxed or downloaded via computer and paid by credit or debit card).

Who Needs One?

People whose license is under suspension by the Virginia Department of Motor vehicles need an SR22 or FR44 Filing to reinstate their license. This includes, but is not limited to the following suspension reasons: drunk driving violations; more minor moving violations in one year than the law permits; suspensions from unpaid fines or parking violations; uninsured accidents; failure to comply with other DMV laws or regulations. How do I get an FR44 Filing to reactive my drivers license? You must purchase 50/100/40 liability coverage on the vehicle(s) you own. If you do not own a motor vehicle, you must purchase “non-owners” liability coverage. The price is based on the severity of your driving record (accidents and violations), where you live, and the number of years of driving experience. If you do not know what is on your driving record, purchase it from DMV (usual cost is $5.00 to $10.00 per record). Then you must purchase the proper kind of Automobile, Motorcycle, Commercial Vehicle, or Non-Owners policy. Our goal is to find this coverage at the LOWEST COST TO YOU! That is why we are here.

How long must I maintain an SR22 or FR44 Filing?

Under normal circumstances the SR22/FR44 Filing period is three years. However, with the advent of stricter enforcement of DMV laws, and lobbying against drunk drivers, the terms can be extended. What process is involved in reinstating my license? First, you need to know what is on your driving record. Secondly, you will need to call the DMV to ask them what other DMV fees are needed to reactivate (usually a $55.00 reinstatement fee, and payment of all other outstanding parking/moving violation fines). With that information, we can help find you the LOWEST PRICE for insurance, so the next step is getting a quotation for the proper coverage (for a general price indication, go to the Main Page and select the type of coverage you need (auto, cycle, non-owners, light commercial truck, etc.) After getting a general price indication, call us at 1-866-793-8227 and we can confirm the quote, or request a price quotation via the Internet for FREE. If the price is OK with you, we will fax or email mail you the paperwork to start your policy, and upon receipt, issue the SR22/FR44 Filing.

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