About Us

Ray Cochran started selling insurance after leaving the navy in 1960. He then started Cochran Insurance Agency in 1977.

When Ray is not in the office his hobbies include hunting and if he is not hunting he is probably on a cruise to somewhere.


Lanell helped Ray start Cochran Insurance agency and is also an agent. If Lanell is not in the office you will probably find her running after her 4 grand kids. If she not chasing after the grand kids she’s probably on a cruise too.




Eddie joined the family business in 1985 and sells all forms of Insurance and handles the Life and Health Insurance questions and quotes. When Eddie is not in the office you will probably find him on his farm. He started Virginia’s only Freshwater Prawn nursery in 2006 .



Kim Stallings has been an agent at Cochran Insurance since 1996. When Kim is not at the office she is probably running one of her 4 boys to some kind of sporting practice.






Debbie has been an agent since 1996. You may already know her from Facebook because she is friends with everyone.



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